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Lightweight Camping Chair – about us

Lightweight Camping Chair

Lightweight Camping Chair is the name of our brand, we manufacture and sell products of the same name. Our manufacturing facility is located in China. Our main office is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. However, we ship our product in all states across the United States of America.

Everything started from our love of hiking, camping and spending time on the beach with friends and family. Above all, outdoors activities are super fun and entertaining, but sooner or later we wanted to take a pause to enjoy the views, to take a short rest or to cook and eat some tasty food.

Therefore, we realized that as soon as this moment came, every member of our event starts to search for something to seat. Yes, there are a lot of different camping chairs out there on the market. However, a big part of them is too bulky to carry them, other is very uncomfortable to seat at.

We started to do market research to find a perfect chair, that would satisfy our comfort standards, in the same can be simply folded, easy to carry and reasonably priced. Our research didn’t give us a result we were expecting to get. However, some chairs would fall under our requirements but would cost an arm and a leg. Others were in our budget but were uncomfortable or too bulky or too heavy for our purposes.

About the dream

At that moment the idea of Lightweight Camping Chair became reality. We decided to create our own product and make it meet our standards. After finding a reliable manufacturer in China, sign a contract and create a brand we are proudly selling in this store. We hope our product will meet your highest expectations.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time at a Contact page. If you like our products, please leave us positive feedback at our Google Business page.

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